GunBlood Cheats

The following are gunblood cheats codes, you can try on the gunblood game. They are sometimes called gunblood cheats or gunblood hacked but they are cheat codes for the gunblood western shootout game.  So if you do not want to be an ordinary gun slinger just choose your character and then type one of the cheat codes below. That’s all there is too it! Now just play and enjoy playing the western shooting game with gunblood cheats codes.

Gunblood Cheats Codes you have to enter these codes:
To click and shooter faster enter = FASTFIRE

To add a laser pointer to your gun enter = POINTER

To be invincible enter = NOHIT

To have unlimited ammunition enter = MOREAMMO

Gunblood Cheats codes for gunblood levels – play ˃ gunblood ˂ click here:

Level      Password


1        – LEVEL1

2        – LEVEL2

3        – LEVEL3

4        – LEVEL4

5        – LEVEL5

6        – LEVEL6

7        – LEVEL7

8        - LEVEL8

9        – LEVEL9

Bonus 1  – BONUS1

Bonus 2  – BONUS2

Bonus 3  – BONUS3

Bonus 4  – BONUS4