GunBlood Shooting Game

Gunblood 2 flash game is an exciting new western gun game.  This is a flash game but it is very simple and yet it is very addictive once you play it. This is one of those games where you could end up playing it for an hour or two.  The 2 dimensional shooter western style design shows where the blood is spilled  by the use of your gun. Can you defeat your opponent in time? Play this addictive shooter game here. You have the option of playing it on full screen mode by clicking here gun blood 2.

You can’t to win in this game? Do you need the gun blood cheat codes? Yes gun blood cheats codes are also available! These codes are available but it is up to you to win!  When you use the gun blood cheats the game becomes a whole lot easier. You have cheat codes for ammunition, for extended life, for better accuracy and for how quick your draw is. Get the cheat codes for the game by clicking here! This is an exciting western style game that is fun to play. Just hold your nerves when you shoot. Remember by using the cheats for the game it will probably get a little dull for you.  So give it a try without the cheat codes and enjoy playing GunBlood and the many other games on this site.

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