Alcohol & Ammo

With the evolution of web technologies, free games have become something one can’t imagine living without. Software such as flash allows developers to recreate the best moments in gaming history such as Tetris, pac-man, Mario, sonic and more. While some might think of this as piracy, others enjoy the benefits that online gaming has to offer.

There are thousands of website that allow you to play free games online. This has spawned a whole new market for game developers, it’s called “casual gaming”. It is a multi-million industry that focuses solely on non-gamers that kill time mostly during working hours in front of PCs.

The causal gaming market can be divided into two categories – downloadable games and free flash games. The first are mostly half-free, as you usually get to play a limited demo of the full package instead of a free game, and the former are solely there for your enjoyment, with money generated through advertising on the sites.


This online game T-Bone’s Alcohol & Ammo is a free flash game. This one of the best funny and entertaining games to waste on. Can you aim and shoo the apple of your buddies head? Care because you play a drunken gunman and shooting that apple of his head is very difficult!

Think you can do it? Try it. It is header than you think! If you miss you’ll see you buddy lose his eyes and everything else from his face. Do you have the skill and patience to win in this? Alcohol The fire button is located in the lower right corner. Use the crosshairs to aim and to hit your target.